Increase your Self Discipline

Learn how to increase your self discipline through the power of tiny habits – the full online course

100% professionally approved

This online course has been supervised by the professional psychologist Ingo Ostgathe from Munich, who personally either recorded or tested most of the lessons here.

Risk free

Through our 100% 30 days money back guarantee you can test the course and rate it with 5 stars or get your money back if you don't like it.

Get rid of bad habits

The 22 bespoke lessons help you to eliminate your bad habits and exchange them with ones, that serve your long term goals

Create beneficial habits and get rid of bad habits

Do you sometimes feel too drained to work on your dreams? There is just so much stuff to do that you feel is actually unnecessary?

Maybe you feel like there are thousands of people being more successful than you while you are watching youtube short videos the whole day?

The good news is, you are not alone. Millions of people would like to have a better life. Yet still they do the same mistakes with the eyes wide open over and over again. They eat crisps in front of the TV and grow bigger even though they know that eating healthy is important to loosing weight. Or they watch funny videos the whole day while instead they know they should learn for exams. This is not stupid, it is actually just a habit. Habits are automatically pro-organized behavioral patterns that are reactions to certain cues. They don’t need any brainpower to be processed, they work completely automatically.

With this course you learn about the underlying mechanics of habits in order to change them, create new habits and overwrite existing ones.

With this knowledge you will be able to change your current life to the better and become the role model you admire.

The renowned psychologist, Ingo Ostgathe from Munich and the entrepreneur, software developer and speaker Max Aigner work together to show the power of habits, how to establish them and why they are so important in our life by their own example.

The human brain was designed to automate everything you do more than once. So whenever you have a certain trigger, the brain reacts to it and finally rewards itself or even gets some external reward. This whole automatism-process works totally fine by its own, almost nobody is really conscious about it.

However, there is no mechanism to distinguish between good or bad habits. Even worse: Most habits are only good in the moment – chocolate tastes just extremely good – but in the long run it can even be dangerous – too much eating candy can lead to obesity which often results in a high risk for heart attacks.

In this course we want to give you the tools to create and change your personal habits so that your daily routines make your dreams and wishes in life come true.

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